Today, wind chimes are widely used as decorations to produce interesting background sounds in our homes and gardens. However, wind chimes were once used for weather forecasting. In the days before weather forecasts were available, weather-wise farmers, sailors and loggers made short-term forecasts with a knowledge of local weather conditions and a few observations such as wind speed and direction. In many areas, certain wind directions are often associated with specific weather conditions.
I bought this set of wind chimes.
As a gift to you from me.
Hang them on your porch,
Or even from a tree
A gentle breeze will blow them
The sound will bring a smile
So sit on down, right under them,
And listen for awhile
The song that they are singing,
is a message for you to hear,
the words that they are saying
are, a SISTER is always near.
I've named this wind chime "Joybells" (my sister's name is Joy)
"The key to your decorating needs" - one more vintage key to add to my collection.
Here are a few other wind chimes that I've fallen in love and kindly given a "Ruthie" name.
"Make a wish"
The above is my absolute favorite - don't you wonder what this sounds like?  It looks so masculine so maybe it sounds deep instead of all clunky.  I think this might be my summer project?



"Through the looking glass"
"Sunflower Seed"
"Oh Honey"
Listen to these......Wind Chimes.  Gorgeous tone!


"The Village"

By strategically hanging several sets of wind chimes, you can hear the general direction of the wind;
and the rate at which the clapper strikes the chimes can give an estimate of the wind speed.
"Terra gotta style"
"Jelly Fish Junction"
"Stagger Home"
"Rolling Stones"
I'm in love with all the textures, bold colors and the "all natural" wind chimes.  I'm not too crazy about the real "pingy" sounding ones.  The one that I just purchased from "Gypsy Warehouse" has a wonderful harmony!
  The song that they are singing,
is a message for you to hear,
the words that they are saying
are, a FRIEND is always near.


I may not know you personally but I am your "blogger" friend.