Fresh Ideas for Decorating Your Yard & Garden

Don’t let your garden’s plants and flowers have all the fun. Add your own decorative touch with some of these diy garden decorating ideas for inspiration. So often we think that our home decorating ends at the front door, patio, or porch. But in fact, there are so many opportunities to transform your outdoor garden into a beautiful serene space that is uniquely yours.

Mother Nature does a grand job providing blooms and greenery, but there is always room for a little improvement with the addition of whimsical décor and inspiring garden accents. Make your outdoor retreat uniquely yours with just a few key pieces and diy garden projects. Here are some ideas for how to decorate your garden & yard.

Outdoor Plaques and Signs

Metal outdoor wall art of the word GROW with a spigot at the end of the W.

Share Outdoor Inspiration

Your patio or deck area might not be the first place where you think about decorating the walls, but chances are there is some prime wall real estate that could benefit from outdoor plaques or inspirational signs. From garden-worthy proclamations to grow and thrive, to pretty prints of poppies to shabby chic screen doors, there are lots of creative options to add personality to your outdoor space.


Decorative Garden Statues

Decorative Garden Statues

When it comes to outdoor accents, a garden statue can be a lovely addition. Arrange a few small ceramic animal statues, such as birds, a pair of bunnies, or a fox throughout your garden. Or, go for something more prominent, like a roman goddess or an angel to watch over your blooms. Of course, you can always opt for a garden silhouette that is more playful and colorful too – it’s all a reflection of your personal style!

A blue glass hummingbird feeder wrapped with multicolored beads, hanging from a branch by coiled copper wire.

Watch Nature in Action

When it’s entertainment you seek, a hummingbird feeder can deliver hours of fast-moving bird watching. Hang one on your patio or in front of a picture window and fill it with sugar water, then sit back and enjoy the comings and goings of nature’s smallest winged performers.

Think Ground Up

A container garden only has one way to get nutrients, from you! Start with a packaged potting mix for perfectly mixed soil that is ready for planting. Also, look into natural fertilizers that can help build organic content and keep soil from losing its nutrients. Ask your local nursery for advice on the right kind of fertilizer and potting mixes for your chosen plants.

Water Plenty

Container plants often need to be watered more often than a regular garden, especially in dry climates or in high temperatures. Get in the habit of watering every day and water enough so that it drains out of the drainage holes at the bottom of your pot. Heading out on vacation? Be sure to have someone water your plants while you’re gone!

Stay on the Move

As the weather changes, you might find that rotating your containers and potted plants to different areas of your patio help to capture changing light and give equal time to every side of your blossoming creations.


Seating for Garden Area