Memorial wind chimes make excellent gifts for friends and relatives who are grieving a loss. If you are missing a loved one and wish to be reminded of them every time a breeze blows, a wind chime makes a nice keepsake. 


Some wind chime purveyors allow buyers to personalize the wind chimes with a short verse or poem. While many of those websites give suggestions of poems or quotes to use, others allow you to use any words you wish. Below are some ideas for your memorial wind chime.


1. "When I'm Gone" by Mary Alice Ramish

Although a bit long to have engraved on the actual chimes, you could consider hanging a decorative print of this poem nearby. We think this poem is especially appropriate to accompany a windchime because it includes this line: 

"Though you can't see or touch me, I'll be near, and if you listen with your heart, you'll hear all my love around you soft and clear."

2. "Those We Love Remain With Us" by Mary Alice Ramish

This poem may be short enough to fit on the clapper. 

It begins, "Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on."

3. "Death is Nothing at All" by Canon Henry Scott-Holland

In this poem, the speaker encourages survivors to continue their relationships with those who have died. 

Perhaps the tinkling of the wind chime will remind you of the laughter of your grandmother. 

4. "If I Should Go" by Anonymous

This poem ends, "The love that's deep within me shall reach you from the stars. You'll feel it from the heavens, and it will heal the scars."

If you are purchasing wind chimes to help you heal from the trauma of losing a loved one, this would be the perfect accompanying poem.

Poems for a Sibling's Memorial Wind Chimes

Most of the poems we have on our list have references to wind or nature. If none of these poems speak to you, consider these short "in loving memory" poems

5. "Through the Strongest Storms" by Unknown

One wind chime company places the following line on the clacker of their memorial chimes: 

"Through the strongest storms or the softest breeze, listen to the wind and think of me."

6. "We Remember Them" by Unknown

Many people display photographs or wind chimes around the house to help them remember their loved ones. 

This poem includes the line, "In the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter, we remember them."

Maybe you think of your sister every time you see a piece of jewelry she gave you. Perhaps you think about your brother every time you hold his old football. Keep those items near to you.

7. "Song on the Wind" by Anonymous

This poem is perfect to accompany the gift of wind chimes for someone who recently lost a sibling. 

It begins, "Take these wind chimes that we give you. Hang them high up in a tree. Let the melody remind you of the spirit that is she."

8. "Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep" by Mary Elizabeth Frye

This often-quoted poem is a perfect accompaniment to the gift of wind chimes. The speaker of the poem is deceased. They tell their mourners to think of them while in nature. 

One couplet from the poem reads, "I am a thousand winds that blow, /I am the diamond glints on snow."

Poems for a Partner or Spouse's Memorial Wind Chimes

It is hard knowing what to say to someone who recently lost a spouse or partner. While wind chimes make lovely gifts, it would also be nice to accompany the present with a poem or verse. Here are some poems to consider.

If you recently lost your life-long partner, we hope that some of these poems speak to you and offer you a bit of comfort during your difficult time.

9. "I Am With You Always" by Kristan Dean

The speaker in this poem is deceased; they remind us: "when you feel a light breeze, hear the songs the birds sing, know that I see every smile, your kindness can bring."

Some feel comforted knowing that their loved ones are still a part of their lives, even after they are gone from this world.

10. "I'm In the Wind" by Ron Tranmer

This poem was written to accompany the purchase of a wind chime. It reads, "I'm in the wind that blows this chime to make its music play.” 

11. “Windchime” by Tony Hoagland

This standout narrative poem describes a woman going out early in the morning to hang a windchime outside on a windy day before work. Her lover watches and thinks her timing is endearing. 

12. "Whispers from Heaven" by Unknown

When you purchase this wind chime, you receive a copy of the poem "Whispers from Heaven." 

One stanza reads, "From this wonderful place called Heaven, where all my pain is gone, I send a gentle breeze to whisper, my loved ones please go on."

Poems for a Child's Memorial Wind Chimes

The grief of losing a child can feel unbearable. If you’ve recently lost a child, we offer our deepest sympathy. 

If you are gifting wind chimes to someone who recently lost a child, here are some poems to consider adding to the card accompanying the gift. 

13. "Sending You an Angel" by Unknown

Memorial wind chimes are appropriate gifts for someone who recently lost a child. The purchase of this wind chime is accompanied by a poem called "Sending You an Angel." 

The last lines of the poem read, "May you find peace and protection from the angels above."

14. "Wind Chimes" by Andrew Blakemore

While this poem has little to do with death, it describes the peacefulness of a beautiful day, which may remind you of your sweet and innocent child.

15. "Your Life Was a Blessing" by Renee Wood

This very short poem would be a perfect sentiment to engrave on the striker of a windchime. 

The poem reads: "Your life was a blessing, Your memory a treasure... You are loved beyond words, And missed beyond measure."

16. "Heaven's Cradle" by Christy A. Martine

This poem creates a beautiful image of a baby being cradled by angels in Heaven. It is sure to provide some comfort to parents who lost a child.

Poems for a Friend's Memorial Wind Chimes

Do you miss bonding with your friend? If you are buying a set of wind chimes in memory of a friend, here are some verses you may consider using to personalize the chimes. You may also find some solace reading these thought-provoking poems. 

17. "I Am" by Unknown

This poem is similar to the famous verse written by Mary Elizabeth Frye. 

It begins, "I am the wind in the trees and the song of a bird."

18. "I Did Not Leave" by Unknown

Many poems of this nature would be perfect for including with a gift of wind chimes. 

One line reads, "I am the wind you feel. I am in your every zeal."

19. "She's In the Sun" by Christy Ann Martine

This poem can be rewritten to describe any friend you recently lost. 

Here are the first lines: "She's in the sun, the wind, the rain. She's in the air you breathe with every breath you take."

20. "Remember Me" by Unknown

There are quite a few poems written from the perspective of the deceased. In this one, the dead consoles someone, saying their friendship will last through eternity. 

It's Hard to Find the Right Words

We know how hard it is to find the right words to express how you feel when someone dies. It's hard to describe your feelings, and it isn't easy to express sympathy to others. 

Thankfully, poets and songwriters often write about death. We hope you find a poem on the list that perfectly describes your thoughts. 

Even if these poems don't accompany the gift of wind chimes, consider using them in a sympathy card you send to a friend. Some of these messages are much more heartfelt than writing "may he rest in peace" before your signature on a card.