Astarin has some of the most unique handmade wind chimes, and quality handcrafted wind chimes made from the finest materials, and designed to last for many years.

Attention to detail and appeal is a major ingredient as we partner with artisans around the world in bringing only the most exciting decorative and functional wind chimes to market. Below we’ll discuss everything you need to know about wind chimes including woodstock chimes and what makes them so special.


But First, Why Wind Chimes, and What, Exactly, Do You Mean When You Say “Wind Chime?”

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

“Wind chimes are a type of percussion instrument constructed from suspended tubes, rods, bells or other objects that are often made of metal or wood. The tubes or rods are suspended along with some type of weight or surface which the tubes or rods can strike when they or another wind-catching surface are blown by the natural movement of air outside."

Pretty straightforward, right?  But complete, and well thought out.  Oh, those Wiksters!  Always thinking!


When Did Wind Chimes Become so Popular? 

To answer this, it’s important to get a quick history lesson…

Who Made the First Wind Chime? 

The Times of India says that wind chimes have been around since 1100BC when ancient a Chinese emperor and civilizations cast the first wind bells called Fenglings. Considered religious objects which could attract kind spirits, it’s no wonder they’ve maintained their enchanted status throughout time. But how did they enter western culture with such widespread appreciation? 

According to West Park Gallery, when Japan opened their ports to western countries in the mid-1800’s, eastern traditions and material goods began to make their way to Europe and the Americas for the first time. Now cultures around the world enjoy wind chimes around their homes and gardens. 

Why Wind Chimes? 

But what does it all mean?  Why have wind chimes?  What are they for?

Well, for sound.  Decoration.  Visible movement.  Prestige.  Duh.

How often have you slowly come to the realization that the soothing/annoying (pretty much any adjective will do here) sound that’s finally impinging on your awareness is a…  Wind chime!  Right there!  That’s what’s making that delightful (hopefully, for you) noise! With amazing melodies made by the windcatcher or woodstock chimes, the emperor will be happy.

A windchime can come in an infinite variety of tones, ranging from ephemeral, tinkling faery’s bells to deeply sonorous, nearly inaudible basso tones.  And far from being relegated to frequency alone, wind chimes can be metal, glass, plastic, wood (woodstock wind chimes), or combinations of them, and even other materials. Some of these materials speak to us more than others, with some seeming rather unlikely to many individuals.  I’ll admit to having an affinity for wood, and for low-frequencies.

Chimes produce inharmonic sounds and are a meditation medium, the soothing “white noise” of melody. High quality meditation medium wind chimes hung at differing heights will produce notably louder or clearer tones. Wind chimes can be made of metal or wood, and in shapes such as rods or tubes. Other materials can be glass, bamboo, shells, stones, earthenware, porcelain or other exotic items such as silverware -- even cookie cutters! 

Wind Chimes and Feng Shui

The literal translation of Feng Shui is “wind and water”. When it comes to Feng Shui, the oriental way of “calm rightness,” wind chimes really offer more than just music.  Some schools of thought opine that the sounds of chimes can cure negative energies, something we’d all do well enough to be on board with — who wouldn’t want to put up a little sonic balm to assuage the vagaries of negativity?

A windchime or windcatcher may be thought to ward off evil, while attracting peaceful spirits. Get your zenergy.  Wind chimes are used not just for their sound effects, but also for purifying and enhancing energy within a certain area.  They provide a calming effect, creating melodious sounds, generating meditative feelings,  and engaging senses other than just hearing -- listening to wind chimes reduces stress and promotes relaxation.  These sounds are considered to have a healing effect on the body and mind, encouraging people to listen, creating upbeat feelings, and are said to unblock emotional stress and bring feelings of inner peace and more of a sense of balance in one’s life. 

Attracting positive energy through deep tones display creates a positive aura and dispels negative or stagnant energies. Decorative wind chimes enhance your outdoor designs, adding color and texture to your landscape while creating good luck and positive energy at the same time. 

Okay, enough history, go get your zenergy and show me some wind chimes!