Pet Memorial Series - Wind Chimes 30 Inch in Memory of Lossed Love for Pets Black 6 Tubes


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Good gift for someone who lost a dog

Great gift for someone who lost a loved dog. Thick material and a little lower tone. Not a tinkle. Held up during recent storms in our area.

You are getting more than a set of wind chimes.... in my heart.

I love everything about these wind chimes. The look is classic, the tone is deep and the chimes are lyrical. Every time I hear them chimes I think of my dog, Lucky. No longer by my side but forever in my heart.


I was pleasantly surprised by the weight and quality of this item. I have a similar chime that was a gift at probably 4x price of this memorial chime yet the quality of the memorial chime is equal to the expensive gifted one. The string seems thick enough to last and the hook it came with is large with a coating around the hook ensuring it will not rust.

Dragon Lover's xWife

Got this as Memorial of my souldog of 17+ years who LOVED to lounge on the balcony where these WONDERFUL, lovely charms now hang. The packaging was perfection, as are the chimes!

Angela M
READ UPDATE AT THE END!! Totally worth it. Beautiful sound.

This is such a beautiful wind chime. The sound is perfect. Not too high pitched, not too low pitched, a smooth reminder of a beloved lost family member. My ONLY issue is that the disc with the paw print had some scratches on the paw print and one of the chimes as well. I believe this was due to the was it was packaged. The chimes were all covered with a plastic to protect them but not the disc. It's not that big of a deal because it's going to get banged up a bit in the wind anyway but the disc should be protected anyway. Over all, you won't be disappointed if you purchase this. UPDATE: I loved mine so much, I bought another for my manager who lost his beloved just days after mine. He is very happy with it!