Create a flower arrangement and vase using a cabbage for spring ! Tutorial includes flower arrangement longevity tips and additional floral inspiration.

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Using a cabbage as vase to create flower decoration. Following are the steps:

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1.Pick up a large head of cabbage at grocery store for your floral centerpiece. The larger the cabbage, the better and more room you can deal with. Trim the bottom of your cabbage so it sits level. Remove the outer loose leaves and save those that aren’t wilted.

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2.Reattach the leaves to cabbage with floral pins after hollow out your cabbage and are ready to add the flowers.

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3.Trace around your glass or jar and cut out the center of your cabbage with a paring knife.

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4.Hollow out your cabbage allowing you to place a glass or jar inside as a vase to hold your flowers.

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5.After cutting down though the top of the cabbage, it is easy to flip the cabbage over and cut through the bottom to meet in the middle, to fit the glass inside the cabbage.

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6.After attaching the outer leaves with floral pins, filled the glass with flowers from the grocery store. . .

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7.Green hydrangea blooms were strategically placed along the outside edge of the glass so they would spill over and conceal the cut edge of the cabbage. . .

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The flowers in their glass were refrigerated separately , so prepare your arrangement ahead of time and must keep it fresh! Refrigerating tulips also helps keep them from opening up too quickly.

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A DIY  table floral decoration was finished!