Personalized Retirement Gift Wind Chimes-36/45 Inch, 6 Tubes, Bronze

Tree of life

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Dhaneesha Rajakaruna
Grounding bliss

A wise saying goes “Life is nothing but a flicker of light in an eternity of darkness”.

Which is very true in comparison to the vast universe we occupy. Every moment counts.

With knowledge from 10-20+ hours of research I ordered a deep tone 45 inch wind chime. Astarin was very helpful in putting a custom engraving on it for a special celebration. It has been about 6 weeks since I received it, and each day and night any time I hear it it is like a symphony of acoustic beauty bringing me back into the moment of now.

A well invested wind chime is a great reminder to be present in the now with each passing second, month, year.

Highly recommend Astarin.

Wonderful team. Wonderful service.

New Zealand

Just 3 Stars. . .

Although the chimes arrived the journey to have this gift arrive correctly was not. You could not get the billing right, the name right and the date of arrival right. However, you did ultimately sort it out and chimes arrived. The recipient liked them (they did not have the card that SHOULD HAVE HAD MY NOTE IN IT BUT IT DID NOT). Nonetheless, it made it. I cannot give you more than 3 stars sorry.

Letha Hawkins

A great gift for a special person.

Katie Wright
Retirement Gift

The wind chimes were a big hit for a coworker’s retirement gift. She loved them and they compliment her garden so well.

B Sheff
Perfect Retirement Gift

Perfect gift! Just how we anticipated these to look. I definitely recommend this item.