Metal Ring Series Wind Chimes- 36/45 Inch Black


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Best deep sounding windchimes

I tried ordering several large windchimes. Some weren't sounding deep enough while others were too heavy and didn't move/ring until the wind current was too strong. However this pair is just the perfect windchime that I wanted.
I placed it at a strong windy area (terrace garden) as well as my verandah (not so windy- video attached), and the chimes sounded as beautiful at both places. Even the slightest wind rings the chimes beautifully.
The built quality is excellent and classy. In most heavy chimes (even in larger products for the same brand), I saw that either the base was too disbalanced or the hanging was not uniform, but none of these issues faced on this product.
I received lots of compliments from many of my neighbours for this beautiful windchime.

Awesome quality & sound..complete value for money

Awesome chime..melodious & soothing sound.. extremely happy with the product..100% value for money. Highly recommended!!!!

Sound soooooo nice and peaceful, solid construction and craftsmanship

I was really excited about getting new wind chimes and was browsing through quite a few selections on Amazon...Corinthian bells sounded nice but they were very pricey. I ran across these and the reviews were very good so i took the plunge and bought this one. After i put it up i could already hear the sweet chimes and i was laying on my couch just listening to them. If you like wind chimes and want something that sounds decent without paying a lot then I‘d recommend these. Very robust sound...the old ones that i had were probably pretty annoying to the neighbors but these are very pleasant. Construction of the wind chime is pretty solid.

Judith L. Cole
Beautiful tones!

This set of windchimes is absolutely beautiful sounding!!

Sarah Walter
Wind Chimes that Actually Make a Melody

I love these wind chimes!! Unlike many other wind chimes, the pendulum on this wind chime is lightweight so air/wind currents are able to move it, which results in a beautiful melody that you hear all throughout the day. It doesn‘t take much wind to hear the soothing sounds of the chimes. I would highly recommend these wind chimes!!


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