The wind chimes can separate parts and parameters, including the following:
Ring Hook: The very top of the wind chime will feature a ring hook. Our products are mainly used S shaped ring hook, which is easy to install. 
All of the strings running down to the ring itself will attach to this loop, which should be made of metal or thoroughly knotted string. 
Tubes: There are several materials to composed the tubes, which will include aluminum, steel, bamboo, glass, wood or similar material. Our wind chimes tubes are made of aluminum, which will last for a long time.
Striker: It is the part that strikes the chimes and produces a tone.
Sail: The sail hangs below the striker, and the wind catches it to move it. The attached wind chime is one of the best sellers on our website and its sail is beech wood. Many products sail could be personalized.
The size of the wind chime sail determines how much wind is needed to cause the wind chime to sound. Most of our wind chimes are designed to begin chiming in eight to ten mph breezes. This is a desirable size because a less substantial sail would compromise durability, while a larger, heavier sail would result in less sound. The next blog we will give you more details on those parts, don't forget to subscribe our blog.
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