Once upon a time, you found this cute thing and though you were not ready it still changed your life. From that time, you are sure that it will become a part of your heart and the largest happiness you have ever had.
After a long happy time, some bad things happen and you are loss at a sea. You may wonder why god creates a lovely thing only to allow such a short life span. We know it's a hard time to go through this process. Maybe it's a good idea to express your sorrow by the memory of those happiest times or buy the personalized wind chimes to let you know that it is always around your side.
Wind chimes are the best way to keep the memory of your cherished pets especially you have spent much time in the playground or on the outdoor, when the wind blows you will think of your loyal friends.
We have different kinds of personalized wind chimes as a condolence gift to our furry friends, below are the best options for your reference.
This pet loss wind chime is made of aluminum with 6 handtuned tubes. Overlength is 30 inches. The longest length tube is 14.2 inches. Strong coated to resist water and wind damage which will last for a long time. Hand tuned tubes will maximize the flow of life energy. The light delicate sound will make you feel inner peace and remind you of your lovely furry friend.
Highspots of this wind chimes is that you can put your loved furry friend photo in it,and the wind catcher is a drop pendant with hollow dog paw. The colorful waterproof rainbow bridge is also engraved in the backside.Features with the touching poem "We all Love&Miss you until we meet again" It will surely heal your broken heart. The overall length of this chimes is 25 inches.5 aluminum tubes of different length, made from high quality stainless steel materials. The sound it produces is soothing and melodious. When the wind blows, it will sing in the wind and let you know that you are not alone.
If you want to know more about the pet personalized wind chimes, you can have a look at our pet memorial theme.
Besides the wind chimes to memory your furry friend, you should talk to others about your inner sorrow since it's hard to swollen all these sad emotions by your self. Washington State University has a pet memorial program which will help you.
And please remember all the little cute angels go to the heaven and over the rainbow we will meet again. Thank you for being a part of my life in a short happy time still cheer me up when I think of you.