Metal Series Wind Chimes- 36 Inch Patina Green


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Impressive Quality & Beautiful Sound!

This chime is solid! Very well made, nothing cheap about it, the craftsmanship shows in the details. It's sturdy, well-painted with a hammered texture, thick nylon cord, plastic polymer striker. No wood pieces to deteriorate in the elements! Melody is beautiful and soothing in a gentle breeze, more intense song with windy weather but never annoying or with obnoxious clunking sound. Much larger and more substantial than I expected. Was also packaged very well. So worth the price!

Abby McIlroy
Love, Love, Love this wind chime

I've bought a lot of wind chimes in my life. These are very high quality and gorgeous. Not to mention the sound is so soothing. I'm very impressed every detail is perfect: a lovely, large, hanging hook (that's almost unheard of these days), large clapper to catch the wind, perfect tuning, and a striking color with specs of gold. This would make a super gift. I was surprised even the paper wrapping inside the box was high quality and printed with musical notes! The top piece is metal, which is much better than the typical wood for holding up in the weather.

audrey spanbauer
If you love tranquil/beautiful sounds-BUY THIS!

First, it came beautifully wrapped and with a thank you note and tree charm. Second, it seriously sounds like church bells (low sounds too). I have had many wind chimes over the years and these are the best for sound, durability, and looks.

Soft calming sounds.

Love the deep sound. I gifted one to a friend, and loved it so much i bought one for myself. The quality is great. The wind at my house usually distroys wind chimes, but this one is holding up well. I love the weight of it, a light breeze will make the softest of sounds and a good gust will make a nicer one, its not obnoxious at all like some of the smaller dingle ones. Also the price is hard to beat, same chime in local outdoor stores is almost double for this size. I love it!

Deborah S. Anderson
Gentle Sounds

As a music educator, I have never been able to resist wind chimes. With COVID I was amazed at myself for purchasing sight unseen, but, the helpful video did have records of their pitch and resonance. On the front entrance to our vacation lake home, they send a message of tranquility without being overwhelming. Also love the patina. A great choice.


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