Say Thank You to the ones who have devoted their lives to their career. Various sail symbol to choose, tree of life wind chimes as the retirement /bereavement /housewarming gift.

Retirement is a huge milestone on one's life especially during this difficult time, many parties are canceled and people are at a loss. In the past, we will surely hold up a party and call some good friends to celebrate this big moment. But now we can express ourselves feelings by the precious personalized wind chimes.

As you know, the wind chimes are the best gift choice when it comes to a milestone in one's life. We have different kind of retirement wind chimes to show your concern.


The first one is Personalized Retirement Gift Wind Chimes-36 inch, 5 Tubes, Gold-Tree of Life Design.

Large wind chimes product lower,fuller,deep tone. The thick wood suspension cord with outdoor waterproof paint. You don't have to worry about them chipping or losing their beauty, they'll last year after year. See them smile at their retirement party or ceremony and tell you that you found their new favorite wind chimes! This one has the life tree catcher, memorial life tree symbolizes hope, peace, and eternity. With engraved life of tree on the catcher must be a perfect gift for memories.

The second one is Personalized Retirement Gift Wind Chimes-30 Inch, 6 Tubes-Hollowed-out Metal Design

Personalized wind chimes were used with aluminum tubes and coated with Anti-oxidative frosted material, Metal wind chimes with heavy aluminum tube, gently shaking in the breeze, can make a beautiful deep tone melody. This mental hollow wind chimes will be TOP GIFT FOR THE FABULOUS PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE WHO ARE RETIRING!

The third one is Personalized Retirement Gift Wind Chimes -30/44 Inch, 6 Tubes, 5 Colors-Gift For Teacher. 

This wind chimes is designer for the teachers since they are doing the most respectful jobs in the world. Large wind chimes produce lower, fuller, deep tone. 6 aluminum powder-coated tubes are hand-tuned by our professional tuning experts to achieve a superior musical performance. Heavy duty nylon cording high density beech wood striker for a clear tone and resonances. Thick tubing wall creates a longer lasting deep tone. The sound is soft,deep tone and relaxing. 

Hope these three personalized retirement wind chimes are the best gift choice for your holiday gift bucket lists. When the wind blows, it will remind you of the happiest time you have spent in your job. Thank you for your hard work.