Wind River chimes were built to enhance and endure the great outdoors—so they’re surprisingly easy to maintain. Here are some tips to help your chimes sway and sing freely for many years to come.

Apply varnish to redwood accents.

Our redwood accents are naturally rot-resistant. But a layer of varnish and/or stain to the chime’s wood accents can add even more beauty and longevity to your chime.

Hang chime clear of structures and other objects.

Always hang your chimes from something that can properly support its weight. Do not hang chimes too close to walls or poles, which can cause more damage to the chime during windy weather.

Remove chimes during severe weather.

Rainstorms will not damage your Wind River chimes. However, we do recommend taking down your chime and placing it away from the elements during severe wind or ice storms.

Clean with soap and water.

Chimes can be cleaned with soap and water as often as necessary. If your chimes have a highly reflective finish, they may need to be wiped down with a glass cleaner to reveal their shine and remove water spots.